Student Success Programs

Individualized Online Learning

An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) provides each student with a holistic roadmap to support his or her journey through Insight School of Washington (ISWA) and onward to post-secondary opportunities.

Developed in partnership with each student’s family and ISWA staff, the ILP team creates a unique plan for each child designed to organize and properly sequence coursework while considering a student’s academic strengths and challenges. Some students are ready to move more quickly in one subject but need extra help in others. The ILP establishes a strategy to help make the right choice of courses. For high school students, the ILP expands beyond academic objectives to include their personal interests and college and career aspirations to build a path to post-secondary success.

Teachers work with tools in the Online School (OLS) to make sure students’ lesson plans are based on their needs and ongoing progress. Another crucial element of your student’s ILP is our use of assessments:

  • Each child takes benchmark tests at the beginning of the year to diagnose strengths and challenges.
  • We include state testing with a focus on fine-tuning exactly what each child needs.
  • We administer ongoing testing as needed to ensure each child is making progress against their goals. This is a powerful aspect of our individualized approach as it enables teachers and parents to know how much progress a child is actually making.